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About Us

Growffy - The only Trusted Business Network that businesses would ever need to grow their business. A humble startup based out of Trichy, building on a 3 year old vision of enabling businesses across Industries, locations, and sizes, to connect with one another in a trusted, secure, and mutually beneficial manner on a global scale. We at Growffy aspire to make business simple and easy for you.

As we step into 2019, our read of the marketplace is that most business transactions that happen globally, whether B2B or B2C, are often times plagued with problems of limited discoverability, constraints around geo-proximity, and lack of bi-directional communication. To solve these problems and to bring some structure into what is still a largely unstructured ecosystem, Growffy’s platform offers multiple offerings across various modules to help businesses grow their business along multiple dimensions:

  1. Digital Business Cards
  2. Business Maps
  3. Opportunity Maps
  4. Business Lead Generation Engine and much more.

There’s lots more to come as the Growffy Platform Launches soon. Test out our Beta today. Sign-up to get exclusive benefits as and when our App launches very soon