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Business Cards

Business cards on Growffy has the ability to go viral through your network

Share idea

Share your ideas with your network and is how it validates

Find nearby business

Easily find nearby businesses or customers looking for a business like yours

Find opportunities

Send message

Contact other businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs for possible collaborations

Explore opportunities

Explore new opportunities in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and above networks

Invite colleagues

Invite your network, clients, and businesses you work with to simplify the process

Explore Advanced Features

Developed specifically for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations

Clean UI

Clean UI makes it smooth for you to do business online

Reputation Management

Manage your reputation at one place, including ratings and testimonials

Post and Find new opportunities

Find new business opportunities online, or get help from other professionals

Online conferences

Setup online conferences and invite people

Network Update

Be updated of what you network is working on, or working with

Simple & easy widgets

Create widgets with the use of Growffy API and publish on the marketplace

Digital Business Card

One of the kind digital business card

Growffy brings this power of going viral to businesses of all types and sizes and simplifies it enough to be managed from your Smartphone

Business Card






Online Meeting

Interactive features for business productivity

Create and plan conference calls in advance, set reminders, and send invites natively to keep track easily

Build powerful business profile in minutes

All in all, Growffy helps business build profiles, business cards, arrange online conferences, prospect new businesses and customers, ultimately helping businesses grow & scale!


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